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John O’Sullivan Founder and C.E.O

With over 25 years of experience in managing secondary television rights, John has collected and securely delivered 100’s of millions of pounds to the world’s leading content owners. John serves as a board member at the major collecting societies.

Before forming 560 in 2015, John co-founded Compact Collections in 1995.

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Andrew Yeates
I.P Specialist

Sabrina Fennell_040_bw.jpg

Sabrina Fennell
Executive Assistant

Janine O'Sullivan_060_bw.jpg

Janine O'Sullivan
H.R and Corporate Administrator

Anna Gnap_006_bw.jpg

Anna Gnap
Rights Assistant

Colin 01.jpg

Colin Newman
C.E.O Mentor

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Ben Richards
Director of Operations

Ben Lambert_039_bw.jpg

Ben Lambert

Jay Mistry_047_bw.jpg

Jay Mistry
Head of Music Services


Sion Hughes
Business Affairs Executive

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Manu Deletang
M.D. Music Publishing and Supervision

Ben Waller_026_bw.jpg

Ben Waller
Director of Client Services

Yvonne Miller
Finance Director

Maria 05.jpg

Maria Comiskey
Head of Royalties